Leaders today experience a disconnect between classic leadership skills and the speed and pace of a volatile, connected world. What does it mean to be authentic today? To be as close as you can be to who you really are, while at the same time delivering what followers need in a global, networked world? My intent is to provoke debate on this critical topic.

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How Best Practice Learning Methods Work in the Brain

Have you ever sat in a classroom as an adult, wondering why you were being asked certain questions, or invited to participate in certain activities?  As an educator, have you ever been asked...

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Quotas for Women in Leadership

This has to be one of the hottest and most controversial current topics around, so I stick my neck out with some trepidation.  Why?  Because I hope to set a debate going in which we are...

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Dramatic and radical change

Dramatic and radical change is like taking a shimmering, multi-facetted, solid crystal ball and tossing it high into the air.  It lands with a crash and a thump and shards of glass fly...

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The Shifting Problem of Strategy Failing

We know that change initiatives fail about 70 percent of the time.  We also know that a new strategy brings change, so strategy also fails more often than it succeeds.  At worst, we get...

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