Leaders today experience a disconnect between classic leadership skills and the speed and pace of a volatile, connected world. What does it mean to be authentic today? To be as close as you can be to who you really are, while at the same time delivering what followers need in a global, networked world? My intent is to provoke debate on this critical topic.

Global Teams

Such an easy phrase, isn't it?  And one with which we are SO, SO familiar.  Yes of course we work in global teams.  Yes we are admirably diverse. Yes we are all adept at taking our turn being up at 1am for the conference call with eight countries.  But are we really?

Despite the technological support that enables us to connect - hear or see each other in meetings across time zones - are we really connecting?  Are we seeing each other but not really hearing or understanding each other?

The challenge with virtual, global teams is that we are still essentially social animals, who thrive on face-to-face connection.  Communication is so much more than voice or even fuzzy visuals over a conference call.  Real human connection is tactile and emotional - and hard to convey over technology.

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